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My Fellow Classmates...if you have any knowledge regarding any of our "Fallen Eagles" who names are not listed below please go to the tab "Contact Us".  In addition; we have added the names below, in RED, that were missing during in the two "Fallen Eagle Videos" therefore their names will be included in the next "Fallen Eagle Video"  scheduled in the future.
No copyright infringement intended!
No copyright infringement intended!

Alumni - Unknown Classes of:
Elaine Bacon Hughes (07/2022)
Ellen Brown (02/2023)
Audrey Baker (02/2023)
Jonathan Cuspard (02/2023)
Victor "Le Artis" Cooper (02/2023)
Angel Beverly Hieght (01/2022)
Jerome Newton (05/2022)
John Cox (10/2022)
Sylvia Mae Smalls (09/2022)
Elaine Bacon Hughes (07/2022)
William Harold Pinckney (08/29/2021)
Willie Thomas Green (12/27/2020)
Paul A. Collier (08/20/2020)
Jackie Simmons Lane-Singleton (07/03/2020)
Mary P. Mims (06/02/2020)
Wanda Kemp Houston (05/28/2020)
Sharon Blake (04/14/2020)
Alfreda Rogers Golden (04/02/2020)
Garfield Kyles (02/19/2020)
Bennie Ruth Legree (10/21/2019)
Doris Ann Moore (09/21/2019)
Harold Lamas Eugene Sims Jr. "aka Flat" ( 11/27/2018)

Kalenza Moore (11/21/2018)
Cassandra Corley (04/26/2018)
John W. Black (04/23/2018)
Earl S. White (06/04/2017)
Carl Waldron (12/08/2015)
Cheryl Marie Tipton (11/06/2015)
Carol Gene Arnold (10/23/2015)
Delores C. Small Hardy (07/15/2015)

Leon Young (07/20/2015)
Michael Anthony Johnson "Chez" (07/10/2015)

Gwendolyn Young Finney (06/30/2015)
George Mouton (08/2014)
Ozie River (08/2014)
Sharon M. Jivens (06/12/2014)
Mary Fields-Daniels (08/10/2014)
John Richard Strickland (07/22/2014)
Tonni R. Oliver (12/14/2014)

Joseph David Green (10/15/13; age 51)
Samuel Frazier (09/14/13; age 56)
Leon Young China (09/06/13; age 61)
Marsha E. Bias Miller (04/26/13)
Rosemary Penny Danzi Conners (04/17/13; age 62)
Romona Knight (04/04/13; age 58)
Clarence D. "Doona" Jasper, Jr. (10/18/11)
Ricky D. Sellers (08/25/11; age 56)
Buford Wayne Glover Jr. (07/23/11; age 58)
Steven Clyde "Steve" Langston (03/06/11; age 58)
Willie Burroughs Jr. Montana (05/07/2010)
Mary Brooks Morgan Sewell (02/04/2010; age 65) also Ms. Sava'h in 1966
Maria Coney Simmons (03/06/2009)
Carolyn Chisolm Bryant (04/30/2009; age 54)
Tommy Leory Bruen Jr., "Asheen" (05/09/2009)
Victor Padgett (07/10/2009)
Henry James Grant (07/07/08; age 57)
Albertha Adger (02/19/2006)

Michael "M.P." James (01/06/2003)
Andre "Dre"Jason (01/27/2002)
Betty J. Williams Warren (05/11/02)
Angela D. Johnson (02/28/02)
Alisa Avonia Brown Holland (06/05/02)
Alexander O. Stokes (04/09/01)
Vernon Hamilton (06/08/01)
Fred H. Ford (10/03/00)
Glen Bost (11/09/00)
Samuel I. Gibbs (09/28/00)
Richard "Flex" Washington (11/26/00)
Keo H. Morris (09/30/1999)
Robert Mincey Jr. (05/26/99)
Gloria Jean Grant (02/11/99)
Walter Lee Campbell (06/95, age 41)
Darrell Jones (1980 or 1981)
Truitt Jordan (unknown date)
Fred Rowe (unknown date)
Linda Rushing (unknown date)
Chester Figg (unknown date)
Johnny Glisson (Viet Nam War)
Glen Miller (unknown date)
Gladys Newsome (unknown date)
Pat Smalls (unknown date)
Sharon Jiven (unknown date)
Donovan J. Campbell (unknown date)
Mary Fields-Daniels (unknown date)
Ronald Wright (unknown date)

Class of 1985
Patrick Capers (07/11/2020)
Amanda "Mangie" Pope 
Miszell Daniels

Class of 1984
Kalenza Moore 
Anthony Darnell "Tony" Goodwin - (Honor Grad)
Jackie M. Gray

Class of 1983
Robert Roper (06/08/2020)
Norris Eugene Green (03/12/2020)

Tom Nathan Frazier Jr.

Class of 1982
Terry Heidt (07/07/2017)
Melvin "Duck" Givers (11/01/2016)
Sabrina "Diva" Harris Handy (01/12/2016)

Warren Keith "Beetle" Roundtree
Nathaniel Black
Tommy "Hollywood" Henderson

Class of 1981
Donnie Shavers (03/14/2024)
Anthony Lyndon Sams (07/31/2020)
Tyrone E. Frazier (07/23/2019)
Gregory Blair Jones (02/14/2017)

Tammy Malenthia Mixon Grant
Herbert Singleton
Douglas Singleton
Tommy Bruen
Gregory Graves

Class of 1980
Bessie Washington (03/2023)
Angela Donna Goodwin Ford (11/07/21)
Antoinette Williams (07/09/2020)
James Kenneth "Tree" Holmes (06/04/2020)
Mary Edward (07/2017)
Tonya Bell

Angela L. Locke
Patricia Ann (Pat) Lowe Proctor
Joseph Jones Jr.
Calvin Jackson
Edgar Smith
Maria Coney
Mitchell Cherry
Glenda A. Newton
Henry Labron Housey
Leonard Jackson

Class of 1979
Edward Lee Washington (02/2023)
Hubert Whiting (02/2023)
Sharon K. Gary (02/2022)
Vanessa Williams Washington (05/20/2013)

Cheryl D. Johnson 
Michael A. Belle
Victoria Pamela Pope
Calvin "Bumble" Curry
Simon Johnson
Willie Chisholm
George Ferguson
Michael Mobley

Class of 1978
Wanda Kemp Houston (05/2022)
Derryl Mobley (04/17/2021)
Sherrell Burns Wilson (12/2020)
Brenda Lee Blunt Brown (08/10/2019)

Carmen Cutter Wilkins
Moses Mack 
Willie George Thompson
Gregory "Greg" Garner 
Steven H. Lewis
Terry Coleman, Sr.

Edward Augie Flanning
Gail Williams Sutton
Alfred Mobley
Min. Elizabeth R. Blackshear (RA Night School)

Class of 1977
Milas James Griffin Jr. (08/2023
Patricia Kitchen (04/2023)
Kermitt McKine (03/2023)
Quovadis Grant (03/2023)

Tonya Bonds Burns (06/23/2007
Annie Doris Aiken (11/05/2007)

Gerald "Reb" Wright 
Shirley Carter
Anthony T. Haggray
Donna Anntionette Jackson

Suzette Washington
Arnetha "Dollie" Williams
Emmett Henry "Teddy" Cousin

Class of 1976
Moses Quarterman (01/09/2024)
Vondell Givens Ashley (12/19/2023)
Barbara White (01/2023)
Anthony Phoenix (03/2022)
Emily D. Williams (03/2022)
Hattie Benifield (01/2022)
Gregory T. "Gripper" Hagins (06/09/2020)

James Childs (12/04/2018)
Thomas Patterson (05/19/1208)

Denise Emily Neese Williams (12/21/2015)
Cheryl Marie Pinckney Tipton (11/06/2015)
Frances Bright Johnson - Civil Rights Activist (09/08/2015)

Ronald "Rollo" Wright (11/21/2013)
Kay Williams
Vincent "Snapper" Brown 
Cathy Amos 
Joseph (PoJo) Gadson 

Gloria Ann Roberts Cave
George Brown Jr.
Eric Walker
Gail Howard Minor
Linda Kelly
Lavon Kelly
Cecelia Barnes
Tonya Barnes
Michael Bellinger
Jimmy Hardwick
Gail Howard Minor
James "Jay" Hills
Catherleen Parker
Barbara George

Class of 1975
Craig Anthony Boggs  (06/2022)
Shirley Ann Green (08/09/2020)
Gary Campbell (10/20/2019)
Robert Eugen "Nugie" Stokes (03/18/2019)
Anthony Augustus (Nutty) Young (12/28/2018)
Virginia Fields Duggans (02/20/18)
Cedric B. Brown (05/03/2017)
Brenda Joyce Morgan Bell (11/23/2016)
Elizabeth (Williams) Moran-Houston (05/23/2016)
Richard L. Wilson (04/13/2016)
Gerald "Deek" Osborne (06/03/2015)

Robert Lee "Bobby" Mason 
Larry "Cordel" Ransom 
Sharon White Lloyd
Pearlie Mae Wright
Sharon Carter
Gus Childs
Marion Simmons
James Hales
Calvin Battey
Cathlee L. Green
Larry Beaufort
Beverly Thomas
Harry Lee Williams
Elouise Flickling
Frankie Jones
Curtis Brown
Rosemary Cuyler
Cornell Ford 

Ida Theresa Bride

Class of 1974
Cirreta Cooper (03/2023)
Patricia Bellinger (10/2022)
Stanley A. Graham (01/05/22)
Cash Williams (10/07/2019)
Brenda Reese Hudson (05/08/2018)
Phillip Marshall (09/12/2016)
Darnell Baker (03/18/2016)
Vivian Johnson Wright (05/19/2015)

Patricia "Pat" Pusha (04/20/2015)

Inez Melinda Frayall 
Horatio Ruff
Johnny "Candy" Brisbon
George "Ralph" Newton
Edith Harris
Curtis Bennefield
William "Billy" Vaughn
Lloyd Williamson
Diane Frazier Reese
Ivory Royal
Helen Green
Charles Pryor
Marion Taylor
Barbara Bright

Class of 1973

Debra Brinson McKinney (02/07/22)
Jesse Mae Graham Allen (03/06/2021)
William Johnson (10/11/2020)
Gus Smith (10/30/2019)
Jackie "Demon" Lane (07/2017)
Audrey Harris White (07/05/2017)
Marvin L. Grant (07/28/2016)

Ronald S. Maxwell 
Earl Leon Collins

Harriett Deborah Polite
Joann Fields

Class of 1972

Larry Ruff ((01/2023)
MGy Sgt Freddie Lee Anderson (03/12/2020)
Mary Louise Brown Bangs Johnson (10/05/2016)
Joseph "JoJo" White (06/11/2015)
Ida Belle Manning (06/09/2015)
Glenn E. William (06/03/2015)
Helen Swinton (05/14/2007)

Terry Miller
Charlie Gadson 
Ernest B. James III
Barbara Smith
Charles L. Barnes
Gerald Genord Thomas
Alfreda Tyler Johnson

Class of 1971
Oscar "Bernard" Battey (10/27/2020)
Willie Mae Bing Ward (08/2015)
Linda M. Coleman Mathis-Allen
Allene Coffee Scott
Lucinda D. Gibbs-Jones
Victoria B. Battle

Class of 1970
Willie Joe Hardy (08/20/2021)
John Henry Taylor "June Bug" (05/11/2019)
Moses Trappio (05/22/2019)

Albertha Hills Roundtree (07/14/2018)
Greer Roslyn Brown Reese (02/13/2018)
Eugene E. Burns (05/20/2016)
Charles L. Orr (01/08/2016)

James "Coach Skip" Mack Sr.
Nathaniel Williams
Class of 1969
Beverly Roberson (will Mary Ann McAllister pls resubmit her Tribute)

Class of 1968
Wyman F. Moore, Jr. (03/22/2015)
William Daniel Shepard III 

Class of 1965
Mary Kathleen Fields Daniels 


Robert "Bobby" "Shaft" Mason

Birth Date: 1956-02-23
Deceased Date: 2013-11-24
There are currently no tributes.

Cathy Amos

Birth Date: 1957-10-26
Deceased Date: 2011-10-11
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Beverly Roberson (Bennett)

Birth Date: 1949-07-09
Deceased Date: 2003-01-15
Mary Ann McAllister - January 11th, 2017
Beverly Bennett was one of my favorite classmates in our Food Service class. We had a lot of fun and worked together well. We both loved our instructor, Mrs. Linda Warren. She was the sweetest lady ever. Beverly was a kind and gentle person.  
May God bless you Beverly.  I miss you. 
Mary Ann McAllister c/o 1967

Curtis Brown

Birth Date: 1956-05-12
Deceased Date: 2004-08-16
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Eugene Burns

Birth Date: 1949-07-10
Deceased Date: 2016-05-20
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Ms. Mitchell Cherry

Deceased Date: 2010-04-03
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Allene Scott (Coffee)

Birth Date: 1952-06-06
Deceased Date: 1983-03-18
Ernest Coffee - November 2nd, 2016
We miss like crazy your Lil brother
SHARON JENKINS JACKSON - December 12th, 2012


Gladys George (Davis)

Deceased Date: 2012-08-17
 Gladys Davis George - SAVANNAH - Gladys Davis George, 100, died Friday, August 17, 2012 at her residence under the care of Spanish Oaks Hospice. The native and lifelong resident of Savannah was a 1931 graduate of Savannah High School. She retired from the United States Government as a civil servant serving as a payroll clerk at Hunter Army Airfield and at Oatland Island. Following her retirement from the United States Civil Service, she was employed by the Chatham County Board of Education as a secretary working at Richard Arnold Junior High School and at Alfred E. Beach High School. She was a member of Whitefield United Methodist Church and the National Association of Retired Federal Employees. She is survived by a daughter, Sarah Sally Charlotte Gol and husband John of Jacksonville, Fl; two sons, Eddie George and Jimmy George both of Savannah; five grandchildren, Casey George of Marietta, Katie George of Decatur, Mary Sebel Morris of Guyton, John Gol and Sally Ann Gol both of Jacksonville; six great granddaughters and a brother-in-law, Matt Matthews of Savannah. Visitation will be from 6:00 until 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 19, 2012 at Fox and Weeks Funeral Directors Hodgson Chapel. Funeral services will be at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, August 20, 2012 at Fox and Weeks Funeral Directors Hodgson Chapel. Interment will follow in the Greenwich Section of Bonaventure Cemetery. Remembrances may be made to Whitefield United Methodist Church, 728 East 55th Street, Savannah, GA 31405. Please sign our guestbook online at www.foxandweeks.com Savannah Morning News August 18, 2012 Please sign our Obituary Guest Book at savannahnow.com/obituaries.Published in Savannah Morning News on August 18, 2012Print | View Guest Book
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Larry Days

There are currently no tributes.

Albirda Boles-Meadows (Denet)

Birth Date: 1946-11-15
Deceased Date: 2020-01-19
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